CLEM, maman trop tôt - PILOTE

Fiction - 90 min
CLEM, maman trop tôt - PILOTE CLEM, maman trop tôt - PILOTE CLEM, maman trop tôt - PILOTE


Clem is 16 years old. She has a 9-year-old sister, Salomé, a best friend, Alyzée, and a boyfriend, Julien. She also has a baby on the way, as she discovers at the end of the summer holidays. Aargh! Going behind her parents' back, she makes an appointment for an abortion at the family planning clinic, where she finds out she's actually 14 weeks pregnant. Nooo! She'll have to keep the baby...and tell her parents. Will her mom and dad be as cool and understanding as they've always been when they find out they're about to be grandparents?


Victoria Abril Caroline Boissier
Lucie Lucas Clem Boissier
Jade Pradin Salomé Boissier
Benoît Michel Jérôme
Philippe Lellouche Xavier
Ryan Bensetti Dimitri